Become an actor's apprentice and develop your acting skills by participating in a theatrical play.
Draw, color and make eye catching crafts to take home
Work as a mechanic by working and fixing actual parts of a scaled down car.
Regular Bank Open your bank account to deposit your check! You can earn, spend, save or invest through the bank!
Pick your favorite design and show it off!
Work as a bottling assistant and produce your own water bottle!
Sell your customers the latest car models.
VROOM! Design your dream car by choosing different styles and parts to complete your own model.
Dance with the Zupervisor, and mark the time!
Build a house using safe and fun materials!
Deliver or pick-up packages to different establishments around KidZania
Learn about KidZania's penal code before applying to the Police Station, Crime Scene Investigation and Vault.
With your detective training, find and analyze clues with state-of-the-art equipment. Use your findings to bring the suspect to justice!
Make your own delicious snack that you can take home and share! YUM!
Learn the exciting process of how to prepare, bake, and frost a delicious cupcake!
Find and treat a patient's cavity. Get important oral hygiene and brushing techniques to promote healthy habits for healthy teeth.
Obtain your license to drive around the streets of KidZania.
Browse different departments and buy items with the kidZos you've earned and saved.
Fancy a change? Become a tiger, a fairy or maybe a dragon!
Are you ready for a glamorous career as a fashion model? Become a fashion model and shine like a star in a modeling show.
Ride the fire truck and put out the burning building!
Learn how to fly an airplane or train to bring the highest quality service to flight passengers.
Relax and enjoy playing foosball, bowling, pool table or board games with your friends.
Become a gas dispatcher and fill the car tank with gas.
Prepare your own hamburger, and add your favorite delicious toppings.
octor, doctor! You're needed for an organ transplant, first aid services, newborn baby care, and emergency call response!
Apply different types of paint to the interior and exterior of the building.
Learn about the importance of insurance, and benefit from medical, vehicle and personal insurance!
Build your CV and find a job. You can also be a Sales Agent and update jobs so recruiters know which establishments need workers.
Record your own song and play various instruments, work as a technician, or assist in the controls and recording in the studio.
Mix music as a DJ or listen to kool music and learn how to dance.
News Flash! Go into the field to research and photograph your assignment. Write and print the front-page story!
Have your eyes examined with our experts and pick the model of glasses that fit your personality.
est your artistic skills by painting or drawing toys from Fantasy World
Parents can relax and enjoy the lounge with a reading room, cinema screen and free Wi-Fi.
Make your own perfume by mixing different natural concentrated essences to create your own fragrance.
Work as a pharmacist and prepare beauty products, hospital products as well as first aid kits.
Prepare the dough, add sauce and toppings to your very own pizza! Bake, package, and it's ready to go!
Protect and alert citizens if necessary, and maintain order in KidZania. Become a detective and solve the clues around the city.
Learn about KidZania and sightsee around the city!
Host a radio show that will be broadcast live around KidZania!
Enhance your skills using educational toys and activities and learn in a fun and interactive way.
Become a Repair Technician and learn about electrical safety and how to repair faulty electronics in a safe and fun environment.
Be a cashier and charge customers for their shopping items. You can also assist with organizing grocery products and providing customer service.
Be a call center attendant and assist customers with their inquiries, or rent a cellphone to make calls and send SMS to other visitors in the city.
Get on stage and perform a pirate, fashion and black light shows!
Enroll and join a class of your choice. Earn a Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degree, earning you higher salaries in kidZos!
Take part in storytelling and puppet shows, make your own meals, jump around on an inflatable bed and have fun in a soft ball bathtub!
Learn about money management, count kidZos, assemble them in stacks, deliver and receive them from the Bank.
Work as a window washer and clean the window glass in the building.

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