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A school admission provides access to all activities in the park and a check of 50 kidZos (KidZania’s currency), for each child.

When arriving at KidZania, your class should line up in an orderly fashion. Kids will register individually when entering the park and will receive a security bracelet upon entry. As the supervising adult, the teacher also receives a security bracelet.

Everyone who enters the park is required to wear a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security bracelet. No child is allowed to leave the park without his or her bracelet matching the responsible teacher who registered the child on entry. We have security measures in place to ensure that children remain safely within KidZania. For more information, please visit our Securitypage.

When entering the park, the teacher should define a time for the class to meet at the Central Square, 15 minutes before exiting.

There are many types of activities in KidZania that help children's educational, physical and emotional development. KidZania offers more than 80 establishments and more than 100 unique activities for children.

KidZania was created for children to experience safe autonomy, the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and to learn from all different contexts and conditions. For this to succeed, adults cannot participate in the activities.

One teacher/adult will be admitted for free per every 10 students (aged 5-14 years old). In addition, one teacher will be admitted for free per every 5 students (aged 2-4 years old). Any further teachers/assistants will have to purchase a ticket.

Food and beverages cannot be purchased with kidZos.

For safety and health concerns, KidZania does not allow outside food or beverages to be brought into the park.

Please call (+965) 2228-3183/

Please visit our Directions page for detailed information on getting to KidZania. KidZania provides schools with dedicated bus drop off/pick up area, and once the group arrives, they will be greeted by KidZania staff.

KidZania’s security requires the responsible teacher to remain with the group throughout the entire duration of the school trip.

Urbano’s House is an area specifically built for children aged up to 3 years-old with various activities to keep them entertained for hours.

Most of the activities in KidZania are created for children of all ages. However, there are a few activities that require reading skills, minimum height or certain manual abilities that a pre-schooler might not possess.

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