Our Story

What is KidZania?

KidZania is a safe and interactive edutainment center where children can experience over 100 role playing activities in a replica of a real city. The various playful activities of KidZania are specifically designed to aid physical and intellectual growth, and contribute to the development of skills and attitudes. 

Role Play

Role playing is an embedded behavior in children. They perform it naturally without previous learning or adult explanations. In addition to being a natural tendency, role playing is a universal activity that crosses geographic and cultural boundaries. The KidZania concept has taken this enduring behavior and elevated it to its maximum expression to help children be themselves and to be with others, understand reality, establish a relationship with the world they live in, and build their identity and look for their autonomy.


A significant characteristic of the KidZania concept is its ability to entertain children within an educational context that replicates the complexities of real life and instills participants with important virtues such as honesty, selflessness and generosity. Edutainment (education + entertainment) refers to the educational potential of fun in KidZania.

The KidZania Story

It began as a spark that was seeded by the desire from kids to see the world function as a better place. Together, they built a world full of opportunities where all children could assert themselves and be responsible. These kids then defined their fundamental rights, and penned down to paper the Declaration of Independence as a proclamation of their independence from adults. By acting upon their hopes and dreams, a nation called KidZania was born – a land of kids that would span the globe!

The Rightskeepers

Tied together as family and friends, the creation of Urbano, Vita, Bache, Chika, and Beebop as ‘Rightskeepers’ comes from the belief that KidZania’s moral and social values will always be cared for and remembered by kids as they get ready to take on the grown up world. These KidZania values are embedded in the Rightskeepers’ personalities, and through their charm and vitality, they will instill the city’s fundamental beliefs in children of KidZania.


Urbano’s House is an area specifically built for children aged up to 3 years old with various activities that will keep them entertained for hours. Toddlers can enjoy storytelling and puppet shows, making their own meals, jumping on an inflatable bed, or having fun in a soft ball bathtub!


While children enjoy the KidZania experience, accompanying parents can choose to observe from outside the establishments, or go to The Parents Lounge. Located on the top floor, the lounge provides a quiet reading area, computers with free Wi-Fi Internet, a cinema screening room, and a coffee shop.

Parents can also take a free tour around KidZania with our City Tour Guide where they can learn about the story, facts, and landmarks of the city.

Birthday Parties

With six exciting birthday themes, three fun packages, exclusive services, and so much more, spending a funtaZtik birthday at KidZania is a given for everyone!  

School Trips

A school trip to KidZania is a perfect combination of fun and education. The various activities in KidZania aid physical intellectual growth, contribute to the development of skills and attitudes, stimulate creative thinking and boost self-esteem and self-confidence levels. 

Private Events

KidZania is the ideal venue for private events such as brand or product launch, conferences and workshops, family nights or awards for companies with a dynamic new approach. 

Food and Beverage

In KidZania we have various food choices among our retailers:

  • Burger King
  • Pizza Hut
  • Food and Beverage Carts
  • Starbucks

Operating Hours

  • Sunday to Wednesday from 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Thursdays 9 AM to 11 PM
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays from 10 AM to 11 PM


  • The safety of each and every one of our visitors is a fundamental aspect for us. This is why we have developed a strict and detailed security system that involves:
  • Controlled Access: there is just one entrance and one exit for visitors with electric doors and security team.
  • RFID Bracelets: each and every one of our visitors gets a bracelet to wear on their wrist with a radio frequency antenna and an ID chip. The bracelet can only be removed by our staff through a specialized system in the customs area when the visitor is on the way to exit the facility.
  • The radio frequency antenna controls the exit of the visitors and specifically children from the facility without an authorized adult. If any visitor tries to leave without proper authorization, an alarm will go off. Our trained staff will then follow the process to ensure that the visitors do not exit and will contact the registered adult linked to them.
  • The ID chip in the security bracelet uses the sophisticated computing system to ensure that the exit of minors is only allowed with their authorized adult.
  • CCTV cameras are strategically located in various locations around the facility. These cameras are monitored at all times by trained security personnel for the safety and security of our visitors.
  • Trained Security personnel are located throughout the facility to ensure that our visitors can enjoy the KidZania experience in a safe and secure environment.
  • Highly qualified staff: our staff consistently receives professional training for the proper handling of emergencies.


Our facility is accessible to people with visual, motor or hearing disabilities and we ensure that a majority of our activities are accessible to people and children with disabilities.

Our Economy

KidZania has its own currency: paper bank notes called “kidZos”. Visitors can use, kidZos, normal currency or debit cards to purchase goods and services at KidZania locations throughout the KidZania nation. Similarly, workers are paid in kidZos as part of the city’s supply and demand economy. KidZos are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

Every time a child is registered to enter KidZania, they will receive a check for 50 kidZos. Once inside, kids must visit the bank and cash their check to purchase goods and products. For example, get their hair done at the salon, heal a wound in the hospital, take classes, or buy items in the department store. If all the kidZos are spent, kids can seek employment and work in one of the many trades and professions that exists within KidZania such as a firefighter, dentist, model, stylist or builder, among many trades and professions that exist within KidZania.


kidZos FAQs

1. Where are kidZos saved?

In KidZania, we have a banking system where children can save their kidZos, request a debit card and manage their finances at the bank branch or through the two ATMs in the city.

Kids can open a personal savings account at any time during their stay in the city to deposit and save the money they have earned for their work. When opening a savings account, kids will receive a debit card that must be customized with their name and signature. With it they can check their balance or make withdrawals at the bank or either of the two ATMs within KidZania. Kids who revisit can use their debit card to deposit the 50 kidZos, they receive every time they visit KidZania, into their already existing account.

2. What can kids buy with kidZos?

In KidZania, kids can use their kidZos to purchase products, services, or can earn and save by working in the interactive establishments. Outside KidZania, kidZos have no value.

3. Real money is used to purchase:

  • Items from the National Store
  • Souvenir photographs and videos
  • Items from The Convenience Store
  • Food and beverage from:
    • Food and Beverage
    • Burger King

    • Pizza Hut
    • Starbucks