Loan Officer


Activity Description:

The visitor will experience how to open and activate their own e-pay debit card, not only that! Visitors will have a chance to work as a Loan Officer to practice their analytical thinking and learn about the types of loans.


Activity Duration:

15 Minutes



  • Client is for Free
  • Loan Officer will earn +10 KidZos.


Develop your decision making by evaluating what loans can be taken and learn the value of having your own e-pay debit card.



  • Active listening: Visitor will develop their listening comprehension to understand the customer’s need
  • Critical Thinking:  Understands those services that involve time, such as savings differences the advantages of each service offered.      


Did You Know?

  • The first institutions that took on the storage of money and valuables, were the temples.
  • You can make your worn-out money crisp again. It takes about 4,000 double folds (first forward and then backward) before a bill will tear.
  • Money is recycled when worn out. Worn out coins are melted down and used to make new coins. Worn out bills are shredded, recycled, and then made into roof shingles or fireplace logs.