Biscuit Factory




Activity Description:

Everybody wants to have fresh and hot baked biscuits all throughout the day. What are you waiting for come and visit our Biscuit Factory in KidZania Kuwait! Visitors will take up the role of Baker and learn about baking from a Bakery Chef.


Activity Duration:
20 Minutes


KidZ will pay 10 KidZos


You will develop your creativity by using your imagination or original ideas to create and design your own biscuits.



As a baker you need to be organized, detail oriented and need to know the process of baking requires careful timing, baking station prepared with everything you’ll need – including all the tools and pre-measured ingredients close at hand.


Did You Know?

  • The history of the biscuit follows that of sugar, and it seems that the first biscuits were baked in Persia during the 7th Century BCE. It wasn't until the Moorish conquest of Spain and the crusades of the 12th and 13th centuries that Arabic cooking practices slowly came to Europe.
  • What makes a good biscuit name? Some biscuits are named after their shape and what they resemble. Others get their name from how they taste, how they are cooked, or their alleged affect on the body. Many are named after popular famous people, or the individuals who invented them.