Benefits for better CitiZens

Ever wondered what being a CitiZen of KidZania is like? By joining the B·KidZanian program, CitiZens will unlock more rewards, earn more kidZos, learn more and have more fun!


About B·KidZanian


As members of B·KidZanian, kids get their own PaZZport and can also get a special hologram sticker for each KidZania visited around the world. Kids will receive a unique stamp in their PaZZport for participation in selective activities in our Cities – more stamps = more exciting benefits! 

As kids acquire more skills and earn more stamps, they will be able to advance through the three levels of B·KidZanian:

  • Naturalized CitiZen,
  • Distinguished CitiZen and;
  • Honorable CitiZen.

These levels offer different benefits for our CitiZens, including better wages, special discounts at the National Store and special activities for selected CitiZens.


B·KidZanian Benefits


These are some of the many benefits for our CitiZens:

  • Bonus kidZos on salaries
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Discounts on redeemed items
  • Periodic news and offers from KidZania
  • Eligibility for public appointments in KidZania CongreZZ




Joining is Easy


We'll ask for a few details just like you would provide for a real PaZZport. When you visit KidZania, go to the PaZZport Office to take your photo and receive an official KidZania PaZZport. Remember: one of the parents or guardians must be present with the CitiZen candidate at the moment of enrolment.

If you need more information about becoming an official KidZanian, pleeZ visit your local PaZZport Office at KidZania for further details.

Membership fee is KWD 2.00