Driving Street




Activity Description:

Be Safe! Be Happy!

Kids are given the privileged to drive their own car in the busiest street of KidZania's Driving Street and apply all the driving skills they obtain at the Driving School.


Activity Duration:
15 minutes


Kids Pay -10 KidZos


  • Driving your own car is everyone's dream. At their young age, kids are taught to follow basic rules in driving as well as the rules on the road.
  • They learn to respect and develop their self-esteem and confidence that they can manage and be in control while they are driving.



  • Kids develop their own driving skills as they are in control with their own cars, and learn the importance of wearing seat belt and they become attentive with instructions.
  • Develops their motor skills by properly gripping the wheels and stepping on the accelerators to let their cars move and drive safely.


Did You Know?

The 3 A's for safe driving are ATTITUDE, AWARENESS AND ACTION. So you have to be ready for anything, stay positive & aware, always expect the unexpected, but still you must stay in control so could act accordingly and don't react.