Fire Station


Fire Fighter


Activity Description:

Be a Hero, Be a Firefighter!

Be one of the bravest and strongest Firefighters in KidZania. Kids will undergo informative orientations as well as tough training as a firefighter. And together as a team, their first mission is to respond to help at the flaming Flamingo Hotel.


Activity Duration:
20  Minutes


Kids will earn +10 KidZos.


  • Working as a fire-fighter ignites the sense of every kids’ awareness about how dangerous a fire can be, and how they should respond in case of a fire situation.
  • Kids learn the importance of teamwork, excellence and dedication.
  • Teach young kids on when and how to call the emergency phone number in case of emergency.



  • Cognitive Skills: Kids learn new skills and information about what causes fire and how dangerous it can be, and steps to take in case of a fire. 
  • Develop their sense of awareness, responsiveness and alertness in case of emergency.


Did You Know?

  • Children between the ages of three and five have saved lives because they were taught how and when to dial the emergency phone number through the proper guidance of parents/adults/guardians.
  • Guinness recently recognized the Manistee Fire Department's station (1889) as the world's oldest continuously manned and operating fire station.