House Painting


House Painter


Activity Description:

A fresh coat for a fresh start!

Learn different strokes and styles of painting the wall and work as a house painter! Become a pro and unleash your creativity.


Activity Duration:
15 Minutes


Kids will earn +10 KidZos.


Kids will learn basic steps on painting the walls that can develop their creativity, patience to complete a task and the sense of fulfilment once they are done painting.



  • Motor Skills: Improve fine motors skills through small, purposeful movements, which help to prevent pain and stiffness as well as acquire hand-eye coordination.
  • Communication Skills: Kids can express or communicate their emotions or feelings through the use of different colours, they can express themselves without the use of words.


Did You Know?

The colour of your home can affect heat absorption according to the Department of Energy’s, dark, dull colours can absorb 70-90 percent of the sun’s radiant energy while light-coloured paint can help reflect the sun’s heat away from the home.