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Sales Agent


Activity Description:

Showcase the Best in You!

Learn the tips and know the latest working trend with high paying jobs inside KidZania City by conducting surveys and posting updates on the job information boards.


Activity Duration:
15 Minutes


Kids will earn +10 KidZos or pay -10 kidZos


Kids are encouraged to develop their confidence to socialize with other peers by asking questions and listening attentively with instructions and value the essence of completing a task on a given time.



  • Motor Skills: Develop their skills of writing and encode important data’s in the given computer system.
  • Social Skills: Develop their skills in grasping information that they need from other people by asking questions correctly.
  • Cognitive Skills: Develop their speed of processing incoming information as they are given task to finish at a certain time.


Did You Know?

5 Highest Paying Careers in Kuwait; 1. Surgeons/Doctors, 2. Judges, 3. Lawyers, 4. Bank Managers, 5. Chief Executive Officers