Juice Factory



Trainee Operator



Activity Description:


Good Nutrition is Our Mission!

Meet the high demand of juice drinks in KidZania. Work as a machine operator to help manufacture and produce nutritious juice drink with the aid of our Juice Plant Manager.



Activity Duration:

20 Minutes




Kids will pay -10 KidZos



Kids are encourage to develop patience, teamwork, value hard work and get to know a real job scenario in the real world.





Communication Skills: Develop their skills to comprehend instructions during the actual training in the activity.
Motor Skills: Learn how to follow proper measurements and how to operate properly the machines inside the establishment.
Cognitive Skills: Learn to follow instructions and weigh the pros and cons of the rules set inside the establishment.



Did You Know?


According to surveys, Orange juice is the most popular fruit juice worldwide. It is a rich source of Vitamin C that is great to lighten skin tone that helps our skin to glow and aides for good digestion too.