Music Lounge



Karaoke Performer



Activity Description:


Sing as you can! Perform like a Superstar!

Music Lounge offers you to sing and dance with the latest song list that we have in track. Become a performer and be star.



Activity Duration:

20 Minutes




Kids will pay +10 KidZos.



Singing gives self-confidence and helps aid a child in wanting to communicate with others. Promotes self-expression and vocal imitation.





Social Skills: making music or singing with other people improves children’s social and emotional skills. They learn to work together as a team and develop their sense of empathy with others.
Cognitive Skills: Singing cause the brain to perform multiple tasks at once, from remembering lyrics to remembering a cue to start singing.



Did You Know?


 Successful singing is important because it builds self-confidence, promotes self-esteem, always engages the emotions, promotes social inclusion, supports social skill development.
World's youngest singer -new Guinness World Record, Atithi KC 3 yrs old girl from Nepal.