Perfume Shop



Jr. Perfume Designer



Activity Description:


It’s Time to Up the Scent Game!

Learn the process of making perfume and create the scent that suites your personality.



Activity Duration:

15 Minutes




Kids will pay -10 KidZos.



Kids develop their sense of independence as they are given the opportunity to create their own scent of perfume. It also boost their confidence of making new things out of their comfort zone.





Motor Skills: Kids are encouraged to use utensils that requires their fine motor skills to be utilize, like soft squeeze with droppers in mixing perfumes.
Social Skills: With the task of making or designing their own perfumes, proper communication must be given for them to understand instructions and be able to achieve the set goal during the activity.



Did You Know?


The same scent can smell different on two individuals.
Rubbing your wrists is a no-no, rubbing your wrists increases the interaction of the fragrance with your skin’s natural oils, which can end up distorting the scent.